Thursday, August 6, 2015

Remembering CAST2015 -- Part 1

This is my second CAST that I've attended in person and technically the fourth that I've participated in by watching the live webcast.

I flew into GRR on sunday and had the chance to catch up with +Dhanasekar Subramaniam over dinner. The details of that conversation requires a blog post in itself and will (probably) write that separately.

On the first day of CAST, I attended +Robert Sabourin's tutorial on Testing Fundamentals for Expert Testers. What really stood out for me on that talk has been the way +Robert Sabourin organized his presentation. He started talking about the History and Principles surrounding Quality, Economics and Management that can be applied on how we test software effectively.

The participants went through a series of exercises that further explained concepts on semantics, interpretation, pivoting based on gathered relevant data, ambiguity, etc. I also went through some practical applications in using logic, decision tables, as well as logic reduction techniques that can simplify the number of rules you will need to test by employing equivalence class partitioning.

+Robert Sabourin also focused on applying a Heuristic Model in solving problems. In order for you to show your understanding of the problem at hand, do you know;

  • What are you looking for?
  • Can you restate the problem?
  • Can you make a visual model?
  • Do you have enough information to find a solution?
    • Can you identify the variables and the relationships between these variables?
  • Do you understand the concepts used in stating the problem?
  • Do you need to ask questions?
From there, the tutorial focused on more details on equivalence partitioning, story boarding, control flow testing as well as state models.

In all honesty, that session had too many concepts to be understood and absorbed in a single day. As an RST and BBST alumni, I've been able to pick and choose which concepts I've encountered before and which ones that are completely new to me. 

There's more to be said about the first day but my brain is completely mush right now. Until the next post.
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